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Global Partnerships

The Open Home Foundation works in partnership with local Christian people and organisations to nurture and encourage families regardless of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. It believes that such partnerships contribute strongly towards children finding love and security within committed families and communities.

Where we work



Sonsored children Myanmar, social work training and social work support.
Adult literacy: Some of the families who benefit from adult literacy classes and the micro enterprise program. A cycle van, tools and a machine provide them with a job and way to support their families.

Since 1991 the Open Home Foundation has worked in Manipur, North East India. The programme is led by Pastor Athang Touthang and Mariam. Services are provided to help poor and broken families break out of the cycle of ignorance and poverty in which they are trapped. There are 1,000 children who benefit from this ministry which provides:

  • kinship/foster care
  • social work
  • family support
  • education
  • chaplaincy
  • medical
  • micro-enterprise services.


Open Home Foundation Mercy Ministry in Kolkata (Calcutta) provides a service to impoverished children and their families in two centres in the eastern part of the city. The services include family support, social work, chaplaincy,education, medical and micro-enterprise. Well over 100 children and their families are involved with these programmes.


Ramnicu Valcea

Ministry of Centrul pentru Familie (Family Centre) developed in 2002 by Margie Vincent from New Zealand. Provides a service to families at risk of abandoning their children into orphanages, including family centre offering day care, training for social workers and other professionals, social work support to families and training for parents. At any one time approximately 20 families are being supported.

Târgu Mureș

Acknowledging the staff on Women’s Day

HANNAH – Hope And Nurture works in Romania to strengthen families and communities, enabling them to provide loving and safe care for their children. This is done through family home visits, activity and educational programmes for children living in institutional care while building links with their families and communities, and providing social work related training in the community.

HANNAH was founded by Alice and Ken Winter from New Zealand and implemented in November 2010 through a partnership agreement with Open Home Foundation International (NZ) and Christian Endeavour (Romania). The day to day work is carried out in Târgu Mureș by local social worker Katalin Gyűjtő and volunteers. If you would like to know more or support this work in any way please contact Alice and Ken Winter


HIV and AIDS in Africa

HIV/Aids continues to have a catastrophic effect on many countries in Africa. It has a devastating effect on families, communities, the economy and children.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected region, with an estimated 25.6 million people living with HIV in 2015. World wide about 66% of new HIV infections in 2015 occurred in sub-Saharan Africa.


Zambia is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. It has a population of 16 million people. Zambia has one rainy season and a long dry season. Fortunately the river system of the country keeps the water table high enough to sustain irrigation.

Zambia is one of sub-Saharan Africa's most highly urbanised countries. About one-half of the country's 16 million people are concentrated in a few urban zones strung along the major transportation corridors, while rural areas are under-populated. Unemployment and under-employment are serious problems.

Prevalence in Zambia of HIV and AIDS

The number of people living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia is 1,200,000. There are 85,000 children living with HIV and AIDS. There are 380,000 orphan children due to the disease. The prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS is approximately 13%. This rate has dropped from 20% at the turn of the Century.

Indiscriminate and unprotected sex and mother-to-child transmission are the primary modes of HIV infection.

The work of Open Home Foundation Zambia

The work of Open Home Foundation Zambia (OHFZ) began in 2002 and is led by Mark Lilema. In the past OHFZ has worked in a number of Zambian centres but over the last two years it has focussed on serving the impoverished community of Misisi within the capital Lusaka and the rural community of Chickonkoto.

OHFZ works to empower local communities so that they in their turn can ensure that all their poor vulnerable children are well looked after, go to school and receive good health care.

OHFZ services include:

  • adult education in micro-enterprise, family relationships and life skills
  • social work support ensuring the safety and well being of impoverished and vulnerable children
  • ensuring school attendance and good health care for impoverished and vulnerable children
  • parenting and social work training
  • sponsorship of community projects and some children.

Misisi project

Misisi Compound is a shanty town and has been identified as one of the five worst slums in Sub Saharan Africa. It is estimated there are between 80 and 90,000 people living in the area.

The average life expectancy is around 32 years.

HIV and AIDS remains a huge problem in Misisi. More than 50 per cent of children living there have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS.

There is also a prevalence of many other diseases in the area including cholera and malaria. Other diseases that are related to symptoms of poverty, such as malnutrition, intestinal and respiratory infections create huge problems in the day-to-day lives of the people.

Open Home Foundation Zambia is caring for 17 children and young people and their families in Misisi

The children and young people are poor and disadvantaged. They suffer from inadequate family care in areas of crowded poor housing and bad sanitation and water supply; their diet is inadequate and they have poor health facilities and often do not go to school.

It is in these conditions that Open Home Foundation offers these children and young people, and their guardians, financial, social work and prayer support so that they can experience love and security and receive a good diet, education and health care. The vision is one of empowering them as educated young adults able to take responsible roles in their communities.

Vision for the future

Open Home Foundation Zambia is caring for 17 children and young people and their families in Misisi.

The vision for the future is to empower the above 17 guardians to develop micro-enterprise skills so that they will be financially independent and able to care well for all of their children, not only the current children sponsored by OHFI.

Chickonkoto project

Chickonkoto is a rural village some 2 hours or more by some rutted roads from Lusaka. The villagers approached OHFZ for help some years ago motivated by a desire to help their most vulnerable children.

Since the partnership began the people of Chickenkoto have worked hard to provide resources for the children through garden projects, and building the preschool with funds provided by OHF International. OHFI has also provided the community with a well to enable them to have water during the long dry season.

Open Home Foundation Zambia is supporting the care of 50 children and young people in Chikonkoto Village

The children and young people are poor and disadvantaged and are being supported directly through the community pre-school and indirectly through social work support. These children and young people suffer from inadequate family care. Further they have poor health facilities and often most of them do not go to school because the nearest school is over 4kms away. Their future prospects of living a healthy life of meaning and fulfilment are poor.

It is in these conditions that Open Home Foundation offers these children and young people, and their guardians, financial, social work and prayer support so that they can experience love and security and receive a good diet, education and health care. The vision is one of empowering them as educated young adults able to take responsible roles in their communities.

Future vision

A current project being planned is the development of the pre-school into a primary school. This is now a priority for the people of Chickonkoto. The Terms of Reference for this project are in the process of being drawn up.

Read more about Mark's work in Misisi Compound.


In Rwanda the work of Open Home Foundation International is carried out through a partnership with PHARP-Rwanda (Peacebuilding, Healing and Reconciliation Programme).  OHFI is contributing social work training and financing social development projects.

Communities in Mageragere, Rukambura, Jenda, Mutete and Gicumbi have been assisted with the purchase of land, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens together with training in farming practices so that vegetables, meat, milk and eggs are produced. These programmes and projects in Rwanda are improving the lives of about 800 orphans and vulnerable children, plus their families and communities. Diets are improving and profits generated enable their children to be better looked after, go to school, and get good health care.  Importantly RHARP-Rwanda provides pastoral care, social work visits and support.

In 2013 a community piggery is being developed in Gicumbi including a bio-digester that processes piggery waste into cooking gas and fertiliser for crops.  Social work training in the care and protection of children is being run in 4 different communities where 180 people will become better equipped to look after their impoverished and vulnerable children and train others.


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