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Open Home Foundation International

Activities we are involved in

  • Christian message
  • Community Based
  • Family focused
  • Social work training in Africa and India
  • Microenterprise initiatives
  • Building schools and education and sponsored children in Manipur and Walpabung
  • Medical in Kolkata and Manipur
  • Afterschool tuition with Tiffin in Kolkata


Thank you so much for the wonderful support you provide to 3738 children! We thought you might like to hear about some of the activities you have helped with this year. Your donation and prayers mean 13-year-old Jaba Purkait, has been able to attend Open Home Foundation Kolkata’s Tuition Centre established in the slum colony of Basanti. Please click here to go to a pdf containing more of the activities you helped support. OHFI Christmas Appeal 2017 pdf
Christmas Appeal 2017

What's New
Please help us financially

Please assist us financially

New work in Zambia's Misisi Township

Zambia - Misisi Township

OHFZ in conjunction with OHFI recently established a presence in Misisi Township in Zambia, one of the worst shanty towns in Sub Saharan Africa.

Ewen's speech to the 2016 Eucharistic Convention

Ewen's speech to the 2016 Eucharistic Convention

Eucharistic Convention website


Social Work Training 2015: Kolkata and Manipur

Social Work Training 2015: Kolkata and Manipur

Read PMA report

PMA College Report

Excellent progress on the PMA Junior College in North East India

Adult Lieracy Training

Adult Literacy Training

India, Kolkata, Basanti Colony

Hannah mercy in Romania


Hope and Nurture their latest newsletter from Romania