Open Home Foundation International

is a non-denominational Christian organisation that works to ensure children everywhere can belong to a family where they are safe and loved, receive good health care and a good education and know that God loves them.

Our activities

  • Christian message
  • Community Based
  • Family focused
  • Social work training in Africa and India
  • Microenterprise initiatives
  • Building schools and education and sponsored children in Manipur and Walpabung
  • Medical in Kolkata and Manipur
  • Afterschool tuition with Tiffin in Kolkata

Cholera in Lusaka

“Please remember us in your prayers, we are affected by cholera, especially in Lusaka where more than 2000 cases have been recorded. Schools are not opening and no public gatherings are allowed. Government will start giving vaccines tomorrow. The good news is none of our supported families have been affected.” Blessings Mark (January 2018)
Ewen's speech to the 2016 Eucharist Convention.
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Play Video

Ewen’s speech to the 2016 Eucharistic Convention. Speech begins at 56’16” (some browsers will not automatically move to this point). Also see the Eucharistic Convention website for more information:

Social Work Training 2015: Kolkata

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